Friday, 16 September 2011

The Unwanted Godess

          It was a fine Sunday morning. Selvan wanted to see a temple.I drove to the nearest Muneeswaran Temple at Plentong. It was five minutes drive away.
          At the entrance is a coffe shop where delicious thosai, chuttney ,iddly and sambar are available. After night work it is my usual place for breakfast. Though I go there daily I have not entered the temple premises once.
          I made use of my friend's request and decided to visit the temple on that day.He is a devotee of Lord Siva though he is a Catholic by birth. I am a staunch Lutheran Christian of three generations.
          We had our breakfast. I followed him into the temple. It was a temple of moderate size. There were different places of worship the deities. He was praying at all the idols of Gods that were placed there. There was a large portarit of the dancing Siva on the wall of a large hall at the temple entrance. It was a nice piece of art. " Appane! " Selvan retorted and prayed with both hands clasped. ( Appane means my Father )
          There was nothing much to see in that temple except for the worship of the deity at the main shrine.
          " You can wait for me at the coffee shop if it is boring. I will be back after some time. " Selvan said.
          On my way back I noticed a platform erected around a tree. There were framed pictures of gods placed on the platform. I thought that they were there for sale.
          I took another tea and browsed at the Sunday papers,
          Selvan retunred holding a framed picture. He placed it on the table and asked for coffee.
          I looked at the picture. It was a godess in a dancing posture. There was terror on her face. She had four hands. There was a sword in one hand, a slain head in another hand.It was frightening. She remined Kali.
          " Do you know who is this? " he asked.
          " Is this Kali? " I replied still gazing at that picture.
          " No. This is Durga. " he replied.
          " Did you buy this? " I asked.
          " No. I took it from the tree. It was lying there. Some idiot had thrown it there."
          " But why? " I was confused.
          " Hindus have a belief. They should not throw away pictures of gods in dustbins. Instead they should be thrown in rivers.'
          " But why should they throw away pictures of gods/"  
          " Maybe there was trouble in the family after putting the picture in the house. So they want to get rid of it."
          " What sort of trouble? "
          " Like quarrels, fights, financiacial problems and so on. "
          " If that is so, why did you bring this picture? " I asked innocently.
          " Why? Are you afraid? " his face suddenly turned red.
          I sensed trouble and replied with caution, " Afraid of what? After all, as far as I am concerned this is only a picture. Why should I be afraid? "
          No! you are afraid to take it back in your car to your house! You are scared you will face problems also! " I was dumbfounded!
          " You need not be afraid of this! And I am not returning to your house. Just drop me at the bus stand if you don't mind! I am going back to Singapore. " he said in haste.
          " Hei! cool down. Why this anger for nothing? I told you that I am not afraid of this picture. You can keep it with me if you want. You came to stay with me for a few days. And now you are losing your temper for nothing."
          " No! You call youself a writer and a rationalist! But you too are superstitious! That's why you are scared of this picture!You are scared this picture will bring bad luck to you! "
          " Whether it has brought bad luck or not or whether I am superstitious or not, it has already brought trouble! "
          We remained silent on our way to the bus stand.
( Selvan is my childhood friend. After this incident we did not meet for a year or two. )


  1. nice experience with reality.... thanks to share... please read my tamil kavithaigal in

  2. Dear Doctor..

    Well scripted article. Why don’t u try things in tamil?

    I think we are sailing in the same boat of thoughts. But I am a Hindu by birth..

    Goddess Saraswathy is having veena on her hands. Is it ok?

    As Durga pose is arousing unwanted violent thoughts, whenever I used to see crucification of Jesus on cross, I usually used to have such thoughts that even Jesus himself cant be able to save his life from his enemies @ that moment, how can be a savior of suppressed world community?

    Please don’t misunderstand me that I m sticking to any specific god belief and try to lead some arguments.. my intention is to share some thoughts of mine.. If it hurts I feel extremely sorry..

    But actually my views on god subject has been published in the followed link already..
    Please have a look @ it whenever u have free time..

  3. I m sorry..I didnt read ur profile and so suggested as followed not knowing u had answered already as followed.

    /////Minorwall said: Why don’t u try things in tamil?

    Dr.G.Johnson: My atricles appeared in the Tamil dailies ever since I was15 years old.//////////

  4. எப்பொழுதும் சிந்தனையைத் தூண்டும் எதிர் கேள்விகளை மக்கள் விரும்புவதில்லை.
    அதை ஏனோ தனது சொந்தப் பிரச்சனையாக எடுத்துக் கொண்டு, அது தன்னைக் குறை சொல்வது போன்ற எண்ணத்தையும் எழுப்பிக் கொண்டு தற்காப்பு வாதத்தில் இறங்கிவிடுவதே வழக்கமாக இருக்கிறது.
    அதற்கு உங்கள் நண்பர் செல்வனும் விதிவிலக்கல்ல என்று தோன்றுகிறது.