Thursday, 21 February 2013

An Unusual Encounter
A Chinese lady and her daughter entered my consultation
room. She was about thirty years old. Her daughter was a school girl
aged ten.
As soon as they were seated, I asked what was the problem
with her daughter. " You examine her first and tell me her problem! "
she ordered. I was taken aback by her retort.
" Madam, I will definitely examine your daughter.But before
that if you could tell me her complaints, it would be beneficial for
both of us.I am sorry to see you in an angry mood. " I explained.
" Yes doctor! I am angry with you! You know what happened
here during my last visit to your clinic? " she asked.
" What happened madam? " I asked.
" You were not here. There was another Malay doctor. My
daughter had cough and running nose. Your doctor has given her steroid
medicine! I checked with another doctor and he told me that it is
steroid. I searched the Internet and read that steroid can affect the
kidneys. Luckily I did not give her that steroid! " she blurted out in
I checked the child's records and realised that she had
wheeze on that day and therefore my doctor had prescribed syrup
" Madam, my doctor has done the right thing. She had
wheezing on that day. He has given it as a precautionary measure
against asthma. "
" But my daughter never had asthma."
" Giving steroids for a short time has no side effects on
the kidneys. Nowadays it has become a common practice to use steroids
in this manner for quick relief of inflammation and swelling anywhere
in the body.There is no harm in it. "
She was not convinced.
" No doctor. I read it in the Internet. I was so upset about
it. " she was not satisfied.
" Anyway, as you have not given the medication, you need not
worry any what is the matter with your daughter?"
" The same problem doctor. But now she also has fever.". She
seemed to be a bit calm now.
After examining the girl I was writing the prescription. She
was watching me with eyes wide open.
" What medicines doctor? " she enquired.
I explained to her about each medicine.
" Sure there are no steroids? " she was still a bit suspicious.
" No madam, no steroids,"
I pressed the calling bell for the next patient. They left
the room and I was busy with the other patients.
Half an hour elapsed. Suddenly there was a turmoil outside.I
heard screaming and shouting.
Before I could realise what was the matter the same Chinese
lady rushed into the room without knocking.Her daughter followed
her.The lady had a furious look. The girl was sobbing. Her face was
swollen and her eyes were cherry red!
I knew what was her problem in an instant. She had an
allergic reaction for Amoxycillin, the antibiotic.
" Look! What happened to my daughter, doctor! " she shouted at me.
" Calm down madam. It is an allergy to antibiotic. Nothing
to worry. She will be alright in ten minutes after an injection. " I
assured her.
" Do anything doctor! I am anxious about her!." she pleaded.
There was no more anger on her face.
As I was preparing to give the injection, she enquired in a
trembling voice, " What injection doctor? "
I turned to her boldly saying, " What else? The same steroid
which you objected! "
She stood dumbfounded!

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